I have danced top level competitions for ten years as a professional dancer.
I am an international dance teacher and I train many of worlds’ best dancers.
With my creativity I am able to design choreographies which fit music like a glove.
Many World and European Champions have used my music, my choreographies or
a combination of both.

When I was a dancer myself, I have always tried to create and maintain my own
unique style of dancing. Now as a teacher I encourage my students to do the same.
Your own unique style sets you apart from the rest and makes you stand out from the
The CD series Rhythm to Result will definitely enhance your skills and development
as a dancer.
Rhythm to Result Samba has been developed because I noticed that there is a huge
demand for a cd that covers all possible different rhythms of the samba. This CD you
just purchased has tracks in different tempo, so you can use it to practise without
being obliged to use a CD player with pitch control. Besides the difference in tempo
a few tracks offer you help with counting. This makes it easier for beginners as well
as for competition dancers to follow the rhythm. All of this makes this Rhythm to
Result CD a must for every dancer! It is the ideal samba CD to practise your Rhythm
techniques and to train. I would like to wish you a lot of dancing pleasure.
Ton Greten.