This book describes my daily encounters as a dancer, trainer, coach, choreographer, adjudicator, invigilator but most of all as human being.
In September 2012, I started posting daily “straight from the heart”- quotes related to dancing on Facebook.
I committed myself to continue publishing daily quotes for one year.
In the beginning is was rather easy but other times I thought to myself “What have I started ?”
At some moments I was able to write several quotes down while I was teaching.
Most quotes come from the dance-floor and/or are taken from daily life.
The quotes sometimes have lead to controversy; not everyone could agree with it.
But that is the beauty of it as well. Discussing subjects deepens the thoughts and also widens your perspective.
Everything has a reason and everything has a consequence,  not different than life itself or dancing for that matter.

Now that I have completed the 365 days, and took some time to sort them out, I am proud to present it all to you in this book.
To read it, think it over, learn from it and read it again and again and again.This book consists of quotes, quotes with a picture and quotes with a story.
The quotes come from my experiences during teaching and sometimes I got inspired by things around me in my daily life.
The pictures visually explain and enhance the quotes. The choice of the picture is purely based on my feelings of the topic.
Some quotes have a deeper meaning that I will share with a little story.

A dancer can be male or female and all quotes can related to either gender.
It has been decided without disqualifications, in order not to undermine the strength of the quotes,
only to use the male qualifications, where ever applicable…Furthermore in some quotes a single dancer can be read as a couple or a group of dancers.

For now, nothing else rests me except to say ”Enjoy reading the book” and most important:  ” DANCE YOUR OWN DNA

Ton Greten