In general, the entire Choreography of Performance can be made in 3 days.
For Group and Formation some extra time is needed.
First requirement is to know whether the performance is for a competition, show, theatre or television. Then we get started.

  • The first day: Making a script of the dance performance, using 50 prepared questions. This script will consist of 4 parts:
    1st Part:  Concept of the performance
    2nd Part: Costumes (using mood-board)
    3rd Part: Music: Search, collecting, editing, tuning
    4th Part: External factors if required (video wall, led floor, led screen, lightning, props, camera positions, etc.)
  • The second day: Start making the Choreography.
    Solo / Duo / Couple / Small group: For every minute in the music, it takes 3-4 hours (2 minutes in a full day).
    Group / Formation: For every minute in the music, it takes 8 hours (1 minute a full day).
  • The third day: Finishing the choreography for Solo / Duo / Couples / Small goup